A warm old kettle

Here’s another 100-word story from a picture prompt:

“Where’s the Nescafe, Pop?”

“Cabinet over the stove.  Told her it would dry out up there, but she never listened.”

“Well, it’s dried coffee anyway—”

“It changed the taste!”

I spooned Nescafe and poured hot water from the kettle.  “Where’d you get these mugs, Pop?  She never told me.”

“Never asked, did ya?  Some tourist shop after the wedding.  Stupid idea.  I had to get to work, didn’t I?  I swore I’d take her on a real honeymoon someday.  I swore it to her.”

Tears fell from his old eyes as his hands crushed a flower from the funeral.

23 thoughts on “A warm old kettle

  1. Pop his grieving his loss in his own way. He is remembering all promises he made to his departed wife and not fulfilled them. His eyes are teary but he wants to retain his tough demeanour. Nice story.


  2. Pop is mourning in his own way. He is remembering all the unfulfilled promises he made to his departed wife. Tear is flowing out but he does not want to show he is grieving. Nice story.


  3. Blinking away that dust in my eyes… The rough talk and the true feelings often are opposites in people of Pop’s generation I find. Lovely and sad story.


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