Choose Wisely, my Friend

A 100-word story again, because this picture just got me to thinking:

There is a game my family played with three dice marked L, R, and C. If L or R came up when you rolled, a penny went to the person on your left or right. If C came up, you put a penny in the center pot. Last one left with all the pennies won the pot as well.

I stood gazing at the parked trains. I could hop one heading left. I could hop one heading right. Or cut between them and keep hiking toward the horizon.

A sunlit horizon away from cities and people.

Center pot it is!

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31 thoughts on “Choose Wisely, my Friend

    • Thank you! This game is fun to play with a family, because from little ones to Granny, we all got excited. And all you really need is the three dice. No boards, no pieces to get lost, etc. Around the kitchen table is great, but we loved playing at a campsite picnic table.


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