Story of My Life

I’m on a roll! Here’s another 100-word story to a photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and her Friday Fictioneers. Quick and easy, folks. This one is for writers:

PHOTO PROMPT @ Jan Wayne Fields

Cherie looked happily at the little clutch of supplies stuffed into the corner of her “desk”. Never mind that it was a shelf in the laundry room. Yes, she’d gone a little crazy, buying pens and things. But now she could start her new career as a novel writer. She opened a blank page on the computer and stared at it. And stared some more. And wondered if going for a walk would bring up some ideas. Maybe do some laundry. Those supplies would still be here tomorrow. But of course, so would the blank page.

Join the fun! Write a story based (loosely) on the picture prompt and post it on your blog, page, website, whatever. (Be sure to give credit to the photographer, they deserve it!) Then click on the froggie here and add your story to ours. Read a few — we’d love to hear what you think. This link party ends in five days. But that’s okay — There’s another one every week.

38 thoughts on “Story of My Life

  1. What is it about the Blank Page that intimidates us so? At the very least we could just do stream of consciousness till it gets somewhere. I wonder if we think we have to get it perfect the first time around?


    • I believe you’re right. Our inner critic is so much worse than any other. It takes a real effort to silence the SOB. Are we simply brought up that way? I know I was. If I didn’t do something (no matter what) perfect the first time, my father would humiliate me until I gave it up. It held me back most of my life in many ways (sorry, don’t mean to snivel, it just applies to what you said). It’s one of the reasons I applaud Nanowrimo — for a month we simply can’t do anything, really, except stream of consciousness. Much ends up rubbish, but rubbish can be fixed! Not a blank page. Thank you so much for your comments.

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  2. So true. A senior manager of mine, who did not like people suggesting ideas, was having a problem making a decision. So I pointed out how some people who kept turning the blank page over never actually wrote anything down. I am sure he did not understand what I was telling him.


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