Here’s a little 100-word conversation that jumped into my mind as soon as I saw this picture. It seemed relevant somehow. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, both for the photo prompt and for hosting the Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“How can you report on something so stupid, Ted?”

“I report what they tell me to report.”

“Seriously? What if they told you to report that the earth is flat?”

“Leave me alone. I’m going to get through this broadcast about a teacup poodle beating up its owner and then go home.”

“Ted, look at me. The government is under water, the climate is haywire, terrorists are at the gates, and you’re willing to do a report on an abusive teacup poodle?”

“Abuse is inherited and often involves mental illness, Marsha. People need to be aware.”

“You worry me, Ted.”

Join the fun! Write your own story (no more than 100 words!). Then post it and share the post link with all of us. Be sure to read our stories — it’s amazing how people will get a completely different take on the same image.

22 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I have to admit there have been plenty of days this past year, I’ve opted for “teacup poodle” news versus whatever the heck is going on with the “real world”. Nothing wrong with that! As long as it’s not just that. Also, I want to make sure we are getting the poodle’s side!


  2. Beware of the poodles… snorting laughter. I can actually see that report happening. Our local news has been trying to incorporate some “different” news… things that boost spirits. It’s high time that they reported something joyful if you ask me. The news is so very depressing, that we need a little break once in a while… I’d even get a kick out of a report on a teacup poodle standing up for itself.


  3. Teacup poodles might be a nice break from some of the heavy news of late. I wonder though if he could refuse to do a story and still keep his job? I am not sure how that works… I really liked your take on the prompt.


    • Maybe we’ve gotten burned out on things that matter? At least lately, when the things that matter all seemed to lead to something ugly, either words or actions. I’m hoping things will settle down and folks will be more ready to know what’s going on, instead of just being bloody tired of it. Thanks for your always insightful comments. (Would you believe I actually tried to spell it “inciteful”? Sign of the times 😀

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