Hope and Solstices

© Eugenia Parrish 2021

Dear Folks:

This blog has never had an absolute purpose (you may have noticed). My posts are mostly of two kinds: either small stories I wanted to share or bits of simple musing. I love it when folks respond to either kind (kindly), and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and wish you all, including those who aren’t inclined to respond but still come back for more, a happy holiday season.

It’s cold and dark where I am, which after several years is still a shock and an adjustment for someone who’s spent most of her adulthood in climates that did not require snow tires and thermal underwear, climates where sunlight was a given year-round. Winter solstice was two days ago, and I can’t describe my anticipation, how I eagerly searched the sky for any sign of a break in the gray. Even if there’s not much sign yet, there’s hope, and that’s what matters, isn’t it? The hope of ever increasing light. The hope of warmth. The hope of spending more time with those who matter, the hope that we’ll find ways to meet in the middle, the hope that Mother Earth will forgive us for our arrogance and abuse. The hope that we will forgive each other.

Throughout my life I spent so many holidays away from loved ones, I’ve pared my decorating down to one thing —  a small tree, preferably in a window where any lovely passing stranger could see and feel the nearness of another person, feel the hope of something better. I’m doing the same thing now, as I sit in my tiny office. If you drive by, give my little tree a wave or a honk. I’ll raise a glass of eggnog to you. May your day be merry and bright.

In peace and with so much gratitude for readers like you…

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