Eugenia Parrish grew up in Canton, Ohio, but has mined her stories from all her travels. Her first short story was critiqued by her mother, who asked, “Does Alice in Wonderland really have to die?” From this she learned three things: the importance of considering your target audience; that grim was better than boring; and always listen to advice – not necessarily follow it, but always listen. Especially if it’s your mother. Eugenia has had short stories published in several magazines as well as an essay in the Journal of the Romance Writers of America.

She was a happy molecule in the first foaming crest of the baby-boomer wave and part of the first American generation that actively refused to mimic the one before. She grew up under the panic as well as the love that the Depression generation felt when they saw their children packed into classrooms in hallways and gymnasium floors, their daughters hanging out at root beer stands with overflowing parking lots, and their own Benny Goodman getting pushed off the radio waves by some pretty-boy punk named Elvis Presley. It wasn’t until the boomers took to the streets to change all the things that their parents’ generation had fought a war for, that things started to get sour between the Greatest Generation and their children. Her first novel, “The Last Party in Eden” is about those aptly-named turbulent times.

Her latest mystery series stars the rather ramshackle saloon called “The End of the Line” in the fictional town of Del Sueno in Southern California.  Some faces change, some never do.  But they’ll all watch your back when there’s murder afoot!

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