A Cold Blue Killing

a cold blue killing_eBook cover_1Bartender Betty Ann Beaumont’s life changes forever when Deputy Sheriff Pete Branson reveals they’ve found her ex-husband, Tom Stearns. But they’ve found him far too late for a happy reunion. After a thirty-eight year disappearance, Tom’s been pulled from the bottom of Blue Lake. His body’s been found inside an old Chevy with a gunshot wound to the skull.

With three murders in as many years, the patrons at the End of the Line saloon ought to take the news in stride. But no one in a town like Del Sueño is above suspicion. Irritated by police incompetence both in the past and present, Betty Ann finds herself on her own when it comes to tying up all the loose ends from Tom’s life.

To her horror, she discovers that there may be much more to her ex-husband’s past than she ever suspected. A past that circles back to the violent darkness of the 1960’s. It soon becomes apparent that Tom’s murderer is also tying up loose ends.

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