Working on the new book

0104170931I just spent the morning sitting at the local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, making notes for the new book in the Del Sueño series. I wish I had a dollar for every business type who walks in carrying his laptop in a shoulder bag. There are more polo shirts than button-downs and more jeans than khakis. Texas casual?
My plot is becoming clearer, but last night I decided to kill off my main character’s little daughter. Crime writers are nasty creatures. But in this case, the little girl died long before the start of our story. If she died in the car crash that killed her father, it would better explain the main character’s compulsion to find out what really happened to her friend’s child. Her friend is not as sympathetic a character as she first appears, so I needed something besides just good will and old time’s sake. But now I have a few questions for the main character that had been answered by her daughter’s chatty [nosy?] nature. Sigh.
Chop down one plot problem, three more grow in it’s place.

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