Getting Away From It All

A 100-word story that floated up from the swamp of my forgotten past. Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for another great prompt. You always get my imagination going.


Will crawled out of his little tent at dawn. His eyes sagged with weariness.  “Are they gone?”

“No,”  I said,  “but they’re quiet.  Probably sleeping off all that screaming loud television.  Why do people try to get away from it all by bringing it all with them?”

“Tom wanted to strafe their RV with his old M16.”

I laughed.  “Better wake him.  It’s time to leave if we want to beat traffic.”

“He’s gone.  Said he couldn’t sleep anyway and had something to do before he went home.”

That’s when I saw the bullet holes in the side of the RV.

As always, you can join the fun! Just write a 100(or less!)-word story and post it on your website, blog or social media page. Then click on the frog and follow the directions! And read the other stories — it’s amazing how many different interpretations there can be of one photo. As many as there are people in the world!

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