Tunnel Vision

A 100-word story from a photo prompt. Thank you Rochelle for keeping us primed.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller

Your bare foot strikes a rock, and agony flashes through your tormented body.  Far away across the sunlit field you’ve seen a big red barn.  But it runs from you and then swims back.  Is it real?  It has to be.  You fight to place each foot carefully.  If you fall, you won’t get back up again.  Not before the drug drags you into insanity.  Somehow you know that.

I love you, he said.   Another lie, you know that now, too.  But you don’t want to know.  You can’t let yourself believe it.  Not yet.

Don’t fall, don’t.  Keep going.

Join the fun! Just click on the frog and post a story of your own. Then read others to see how they did. It’s amazing how many different ideas pop up from one photo.

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