The Shadow in the Wave


A 100-word story from long ago:

Water sluiced off her body as she sprang up from under a wave. The next rolling wall of water was translucent green, containing for a breathless moment an arching shadow. A dorsal fin. Her heart recognized the sweet smile.

“Look!” she cried to the others. “It’s my mother! I told you she’d come!”

Their ears were dulled by salt water. Laughter echoed across the waves.

“Scaredy brat! She thought it was a shark!”

“It’s just a dumb dolphin, babe!”

She didn’t care. The wave and its rider were gone. But there was a smile left behind in the sunlit sea.

froggie-1Join the fun! Write a story of 100 words or less (Beginning, Middle, End)  and post it online. Then click on the froggie and add your link at the bottom of the page. Read the other stories and tell us what you think! Remember, all photos are property of the photographer, donated for use in Friday Fictioneers only. They shouldn’t be used for any other purpose without express permission. It is proper etiquette to give the contributor credit. Thanks!

23 thoughts on “The Shadow in the Wave

    • Hmm. Thanks for this; I’m going to go look at it. If I were to try and expand it to a short story, I’m not sure if your read isn’t more interesting than mine! At any rate, a confused reader is not good, so I do want to check it out and see what you mean. (A bit busy this morning, but wanted to thank you for the heads-up 🙂


  1. I liked how this finished, “a smile left behind”. It reminded me of the excitement people feel when dolphins appear along side a boat. A lovely reminder of the diverse world we inhabit.

    (I do not know why my like does not appear above).


    • Thank you, James. There is something that people I’ve talked to never lost after seeing them in the sea. It’s nothing like seeing them in captivity, even a reputable research center. By the way, I’m fine without the likes, especially if the same person goes on to give me a couple words of encouragement.

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