I’ll get by. . .

with a little help from my friends.

Here’s a quick 100-word story I wrote to a prompt from our prompt guru Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“You gonna reopen, Nate?”

“Nope. I’ve had enough.”

One by one we surveyed the damage and sat to commiserate. Then Pete came in and found a broom. We watched in silence as he swept mud and seaweed across the floor. He had trouble with one big pile so Janetta dug up a garden rake and helped him push that mess out and down toward the beach. Georgie swished Nate’s mop around, Mayor Greensom started scrubbing counters, Martha and I straightened up outside and Singh went to find industrial cleaner for the grill.

Nate was open for business in three days.

Join the fun! Write your own story, post it on a website and then click on the frog and add it to the rest!

Back in business!

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