“Changing Values”

I have been a bit busy (’tis the season!), so this is my first Friday Fictioneers post in a while. For those who don’t know, every week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a photo prompt on her blog “Addicted to Purple“. The rules are: no more than 100 words! If you’re feeling like a storyteller and want to join us, go to her blog and check out the latest photo. Let your ideas flow, then write your own 100-word story (all experience-levels welcome). Post it on your own website or blog. Then click on the froggie below and add the link to your story to the others posted that week. Be sure to credit the owner of the photo (in this case it’s our own Rochelle). And be sure to read everyone else’s story to see all the different ways people see the photo. Comment and join the group! Or just scroll down and enjoy my attempt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Your grandfather kept all this wine down here? There must be thousands of bottles! Didn’t anyone ever want to drink it?”

“No, these are too valuable. It would be like wearing the Crown Jewels to a picnic.”

“But the Crown Jewels are worn on special occasions, aren’t they? He’s had this stuff hidden away for decades.”

“Not hidden. Cared for. This is a controlled environment. It would take a nuclear war to disrupt it.”

“And after a war or a pandemic destroys civilization? Will anyone care about thousands of bottles of priceless wine?”

“Not if they drank enough of it.”

27 thoughts on ““Changing Values”

  1. The last line gave me a chuckle. Like so many others, I say go ahead and drink it. But, there are those who may disagree and that’s okay too. We all have our “things” we find important. Well written dialogue, Eugenia. It tells a whole story. (I’m not good at dialogue.) Happy holidays!


  2. We’ve got ‘old wine’ as a present, stuff that was kept in people’s basements for decades (but not the ‘named, supposed to be valuable’ stuff, just old). When we opened it we had to pour it down the drain because it had turned. Drink it while it’s good and be merry, I say. 🙂


  3. I don’t think I’d know the difference myself! I hear that some of the oldest, most valuable, isn’t any good after all, it’s vinegary? I say, it was made to drink, drink it.


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