Bee-n thinking about bees

For the summer, here’s a short bit written to a photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the Friday Fictioneers, with a little bit of inspiration from our local newspaper. Flowers, unfortunately, often make me think of bees, but then, shouldn’t we?

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

Oh, thank heaven, I’ve finally found one of these creatures who doesn’t think grass is the only beautiful plant. What can we pollinate, you fools, if you keep denying us flowers?

So much lovely, rich, sweet nectar here. I can see enough white and yellow blooms to keep the entire hive busy.

I’m zooming in, folks! A bit here, a bit there, and my crop is bulging. Back to the hive to store the nectar in honey, then return for more. I’ll bring the whole family next time.

Thank you, blessed creature. The hive won’t starve this cold, dark winter.

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18 thoughts on “Bee-n thinking about bees

  1. A great pov. A garden canbe a little natural refuge for all critters… and give us flowers and veggies on top. If we do it right, which is much easier than trying to keep everything ‘messy’ out.


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