How’s your COVID going?

I’m doing okay with my world. As I’ve heard many working writers say, for us, things haven’t changed much. I enjoy the birds chirping as I drink my morning coffee, have a quick walk on country roads and then go to my home computer and try to be creative. Same old same old. I will say, one nice thing about virtual writers-group meetings is that, since I’m not driving anywhere, I can have a nice glass of wine while we talk books, etc. Always accentuate the positive!

How about you? I know things are vastly rougher for a lot of folks, but hang in there. My father grew up in the Depression and sometimes a slice of bread with white flour gravy was what they had for dinner. Not because they couldn’t afford anything else, but because there wasn’t anything else to buy. Fear of want colored the rest of his life and sometimes his fear affected my life. We will not let this happen again. This country and its people are too strong. Together we will figure out new ways to cope.

Among other projects, I took a break to write a 100-word story from this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt, courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Click on the link to read her great story. Meanwhile:

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Sharon pulled her coat tight around her and stared at the still water in the city fountain. When she left the station, she’d simply picked a direction to walk. But instead of bars and hotels, she’d found dark office towers and shuttered government buildings. Life’s big question: keep walking nowhere? Or return to nothing?

She jumped when rainbow colors suddenly lit up the square. The still water, set free, danced high in joyous leaps. A city worker at the control module grinned and threw up his arms as if to say, “What better place than here?”

She laughed and agreed.

Feel like joining in? Click on the froggie, read other writers’ stories, comment, and then post your own! We promise to be gentle.

21 thoughts on “How’s your COVID going?

  1. Our first day of easing lockdown restrictions here. I’ve been going to work through it all. so not much has changed for me – but I admit I shall miss the quiet roads, the quiet office and the cleaner air and signs of nature recovering! I hope we have learned some lessons. Sweet story – sometimes it pays to stray a little into the unknown 🙂


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